About ConnectCareHero

As a first generation 24-year-old Latino in the US, Osvaldo had to make a very difficult of moving his 80-year-old father into a senior living community.

His journey into aging and longevity started when his father Abraham started showing early signs of dementia and quickly started forgetting the simplest of things. All though his dad was one of 100s of residents, he felt lonely, unengaged, and isolated because no activities were personalized for him. To combat this Osvaldo started by bringing activities that his father loved, such as tamales, mariachi music and other Latino infused activities.  

Osvaldo quickly realized that his father was not a unique experience and that he was one of millions of older adults that struggled with isolation and loneliness in senior living communities, homecare organizations and in health plans. To make things worse, brown and black older adults don’t have as much access to good quality activity programming and this has only been amplified by COVID.

ConnectCareHero’s mission is simple, helping older adults stay socially engaged through relevant live activity programming to help combat social isolation and promote healthy aging.

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